Summary Report MDRG 2015

May I use this forum to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this symposium. I am confident that the group will achieve greater things. Lets continue to promote the group among our contacts and please send me your publication(s) to be included in the Publication Section. Pls find attached below the summary report of the symposium.

Summary Report MDRG 2015


3rd annual MDRG Conference 2012

Bridging the Gap: Public Service Broadcasters, Diasporic Media and Audience Engagement.

Friday 2 November 2012

An International Symposium organised by the Media of Diaspora Research Group (MDRG) at the Lincoln School of Journalism, University of Lincoln, UK with support from the British Academy.

Speakers from the media industry include:

Deputy Editor of Channel 4 News; Editor, African Voice Newspaper; CEO, Bright Entertainment Television; Editor, Al-Jazeera Television,UK

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MDRG Conference Programme 2012

2nd annual MDRG Conference 2011

‘Digital Participation among Ethnic Minorities: Policy, Access and Engagement’

Conference at TU Dortmund University, Germany (at the Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism), 8-9 September 2011, jointly hosted by the Media of Diaspora Research Group (MDRG), Faculty 15 of TU Dortmund University, the Institute for Journalism (IfJ) at TU Dortmund University, and the Erich Brost Institute for International Journalism (EBI), an affiliate of TU Dortmund University.

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1st annual MDRG Conference 2010

Journalism of Diaspora Symposium 2010 in Lincoln, UK.

Journalism of Diaspora – Conference Booklet

Report on Symposium 2010

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    If there is anything I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.
    That sounds like a valuable initiative. The support and collaboration of diaspora journalists and academics can be crucial in helping journalists who have faced challenges to re-establish themselves professionally. Sharing ideas and experiences can also help to raise awareness of the issues faced by these journalists and lead to better support and protection for those working in the field. Bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives can also lead to the development of new and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by journalists. By providing a supportive network and resources for these journalists, DJN can play a key role in promoting press freedom and supporting the work of journalists around the world.

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