The Media of Diaspora Research Group (MDRG) is a network of academics and professionals. It is based in the Lincoln School of Journalism, University of Lincoln, with members from universities around the world.

It aims to actively promote diasporic media as a useful, relevant and topical focus of socio-scientific enquiries in the 21st Century. The diasporic media refers to the media for and by the diasporic groups.


To examine the organisational structure, business models, production practices, and professional values of the diasporic media.

To examine the contribution of the diasporic media to the diversity of the public sphere.

To examine how diasporic groups engage with mainstream media of the host country; and the implications of this for boundary construction and integration/acculturation.

To examine how the diasporic groups engage with the internet and social media to enhance self-representation and identity.

To discuss and assess the possibilities of the establishment of a journal titled ‘Journalism and Diaspora’ for the publication of research findings in this subfield.


MDRG’s research impacts on bridging the hiatus in journalism literature.

MDRG’s research impacts on the understanding of the variations in the appropriation and adaption of professional values by the practitioners of diasporic media.

MDRG’s research impacts on the inclusion of diasporic media in taught postgraduate programmes and research degree programmes.

MDRG’s research impacts on the identification and development of ‘skills set’ to enhance the professionalism of the practitioners of diasporic media.