Diaspora Journalists Network

Aims and scope

DJN will bring diaspora journalists and academics together to share ideas and develop support for journalists who have challenges in getting back into professional practice and who have lived through extremes of exploitation, violence, fear, grief and loss. DJN aims to strengthen the relationship between journalists, the mainstream media and other stakeholders with the aim of improving coverage of diaspora issues and supporting diaspora journalists. DJN members will organize workshops, conferences, produce news features and write scholarly works.

Who is your intended core participant?

Diaspora journalists, professional associations, academics, and media/journalism students.

Why is there a need for the Network?

The coverage of diaspora issues and their perspectives on events in their country are lacking in the mainstream media.

There is a lack of forum for diaspora journalists to share ideas and experiences about conflict, political and economic instability in their Homeland.

There is an increase in the number of international migrants estimated at ‘244 million in 2015 for the world as a whole, a 41 per cent increase compared to 2000’ (UN, 2016). As a result, ‘UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced a roadmap to address the issues on migrants and refugees’ (ibid).

DJN aims to give them a platform to make an input into this roadmap and to reduce their isolation and marginalization from the mainstream public sphere. Moreover, DJN would be a niche platform for deliberation with their mainstream counterparts, academics and engagement with professional associations.

DJN is timely in responding to the need to develop a support mechanism for diaspora journalists.

To build on the research activities of the Media of Diaspora Research Group (MDRG)

Where will the participants come from?

UK, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

How often do you think the Network will meet p.a.?

Two to three times a year

 Themes for workshop series include:

Impacts of Brexit (a workshop was held in November 2016 at the University of Lincoln)


Political issues

Economic issues

Socio-cultural issues

Technological impact and use of data in news; etc.


Convener: Dr Ola Ogunyemi

Steering Committee:

Prof Jon Silverman, University of Bedfordshire

Bissera Zankova, Media 21

Iliana Franklin, University of Lincoln

Dr Ola Ogunyemi, University of Lincoln

Academic members

Dr Everette Ndlovu, University of Salford

Dr Hayes Mabweazara, Falmouth University

Dr Bruce Mustvairo, University of Northumbria

Dr Idil Osman, SOAS

Dr Musa Aliyu, Coventry University

Prof Roderick Orner, University of Lincoln

Journalist members

Alistair Soyode, BENTV

Mike Abiola, African Voice newspaper

Femi Okutubo, Trumpet newspaper

Kiri Kankhwende, Media Diversity

Jamal Osman- Channel 4

Katharina Ramchen

Association partners

Media Diversified; Radio Africa TV; Vienna Radio ORANGE

Professional Association are:

To endorse the Network in order to enhance its credibility, status and visibility.

Help to promote and advertise the Network

Help to source high profile speakers to DJN workshops.

Help to lobby government, professional association and other stakeholders to support the Network


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