International Symposium – Call for Papers

Posted on April 16th, 2015 by Ola Ogunyemi

Organiser: Media of Diaspora Research Group (MDRG) at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Date:       Friday 16 October, 2015

Conference Theme: Journalism, Diaspora and Conflict Resolution

Keynote Speakers: To be announced.

There are more people in diaspora around the world today due to conflict than at any time since WW2. While there are many initiatives by governments and international organisations to engage, empower and enable diaspora communities for the benefit of the host countries and countries of origin, little attention has been devoted to the grassroots approach by the diasporic communities in contributing to, through the appropriation of new media technology, or to the diasporic media’s role in fostering conflict resolution in their countries of origin.

This international symposium aims to examine the dynamics of journalistic practices and diasporic experiences in fostering conflict resolution. Hence, we welcome papers on the theme of the conference including, but not limited to, the diasporic media organisation dimension of conflict resolution; the professional values dimension of conflict resolution; and the diaspora audience dimension of conflict resolution. We plan to develop the conference theme into an edited book.

In addition, there will be a panel and a roundtable discussion. The panel on ‘Journalism, Audiences and Diaspora’ will launch the edited book published in April, 2015 by Palgrave. Contributors will discuss and answer questions about their chapters. Please find the link to the book

The roundtable discussion brings the perspectives of journalists and organisations working with diasporic/minority groups to the debate. Please contact the organisers if your organisation is interested in participating.

To present a paper or contribute a chapter to the planned book, please email your 200word abstract indicating your preference to Dr Ola Ogunyemi, by 19 June, 2015.

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