Special Issue update

A first publication derived from our ECREA DMM workshop held in Bilbao in November 2017 has been published. Ola Ogunyemi guest-edited a special issue of the Intellect journal “Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture” titled Mediating identity and conflict through diasporic media.

Synopsis: this special issue on ‘Global identity and conflict through diaspora media’ expands the literature on diaspora and media beyond the framework of fostering identity as communal practices and communitarian meanings to the framework of continuity of commitment, behaviour and identity crisis that emerge due to diasporas’ engagement with different genres in the media. The collection of original papers highlights some intra-media and extra-media factors in media’s mediation process while providing an opportunity to develop theories, research, and frameworks that might guide emerging theoretical frameworks to help think about and discuss the interplay between these phenomena. The issue consists of 7 original papers, an introduction and a book review.

Please access the articles via https://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journa…/view-issue,id=3542/

We hope you enjoy reading it.


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  3. That sounds like a significant and insightful contribution to the field of diaspora media studies! Congratulations on the publication of the special issue in “Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture,” guest-edited by Ola Ogunyemi. The exploration of global identity and conflict through diasporic media, and the expansion of literature beyond traditional frameworks, seems like a valuable addition to understanding how media shapes and reflects diasporic experiences. Looking forward to reading the original papers and gaining deeper insights into these complex dynamics.

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